About us

Aspiring Minds is a partnership firm formed by a group of Professionals from diverse fields like Medicine, Engineering, Commerce, Psychology, having an experience of more than 20 years in our respective fields. Instill Forever is a registered trademark of Aspiring Minds.

The founder member witnessed a drastic and rapid change in every field of life in last few years including the education system, the study patterns of children, approach of the students, teachers and parents.

The founders then studied minutely the impact of these changes on individuals of all ages, the various challenges students, teachers and the parents face.

Having their own experience in raising children and facing such difficulties first hand, the founders decided to develop various activities catering to all those needs so that children can make the most of available resources and make the best possible productive use of this important phase of life.

The founders are aware how difficult it is to shape a life in today’s competitive world, where it is not only essential to be an academic achiever, but also to acquire such qualities that will affect the rest of one’s life.

The comprehensive developmental work for creation of the digital activities has taken more than 4 years. The founders have devoted all their experience, knowledge and emotions towards developing this program for the welfare of children.

The founders being parents themselves have tried to cover each and every aspect of a student’s life which is extremely essential for today’s generation. They have taken into consideration factors affecting the mindset without the knowledge of the children, many abilities and tendencies of vital importance being influenced by external factors and not developed with conscious efforts.

The utmost care is being taken using natural and practical measures to make these digital activities user friendly and effective to every category of students.

Though this activity is designed and implemented for students varying from age 9 till age of post- graduation, it is completely an age appropriate activity.

These activities have already been carried out on individual level successfully before making it available for the masses.

Factors like existing load on students, busy schedule on part of parents and many such practical factors are taken into consideration while making these activities digital. For schools and parents who do not wish to promote usage of digital medium, the same activity can be carried out offline as well.

The Founders are confident that these activities will definitely help students in every juncture and aid parents in their endeavor to make their children capable of living a successful, peaceful and healthy life.

The Founders are confident that the said activity will aid students to lay down a firm foundation for all upcoming tasks in their future. It will help students in their educational career followed by professional life and also in their personal, familial, social life.