Best Online Activities for Child Development

Parenting Tip: What your child needs to grow

Proper and methodical childcare is an important facet of its development of all the vital organs of the body. Gone are the days, when childcare was considered primarily of mother’s responsibility. Today, with most of the women have to leave their children in the daycare, due to professional responsibility; some of the best online activities for child development are considered to be the legitimate partner of many parents on a journey of better child growth.

What factors can affect health child development?
A complete growth of your child has always been associated with the physical as well as mental growth of the child. As a parent it is very important for you to understand what different factors can affect the physical as well as mental well-being of your child.

Physical Development
The physical growth of your child is attributed to the increase in his height, weight, muscular development, stamina, immunity, bone structure, etc. Accordingly, factors that are responsible for holistic physical development are:

Genetics: The physical characteristics similar to you and your partner are being inherited in your child through the genetic makeup; which is supposedly the same. However, along with the positive attributes, your child can also inherit some of the negative attributes of your personality, which you cannot really control. These genetic modifications can have collective impact on your child’s physical attributes.

Nutrition: A complete and holistic approach through maintenance of balance diet and day to day physical activity is essential. Accordingly, your child’s daily requirements of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids have to be essentially fulfilled through his diet. For example, bones can be developed through integration of calcium. Vitamin E act as active immunity boosters. Proteins are required for strength and the vitality. Thus, if not provided with the wholesome food, your child’s growth can be stunted significantly.

Environment: Long time exposure to dangerous chemical hazards can facilitate exposure of many toxic chemicals, such as mercury, arsenic as well as pesticides etc. The entry of these environmental hazards can be facilitated through different locations, such as land, air, water etc. Studies have investigated that poisoning of the drinking water through toxic chemicals such as mercury, can have dangerous impact.

Mental Development of your child
The development of your child through progressive achievement of cognitive as well as motor function of your child’s brain. Eventually, as your baby grows, he develops better neurological processes, differential learning abilities, intellectual abilities etc.; and the same can be achieved through:

Nutrition: Without right nutrition and complete diet, your child’s mental improvement can as well hamper. The deficiency of iodine and bone can significantly cause mental retardation and certain neurological issue.

Emotional as well as social development: An emotional development of your child is attributed towards its understanding and expressing powers and ability to manage the extremities.

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