Digital Activities for Children in Mumbai

Important Considerations about Digital Activities of Children

Today’s world has more virtual existence, in this regard terms such as digital footprints, digital shadow and Digital Activities for Children in Mumbai are hard to be ignored. It should also be noted that these important terms are not frequently being taught in schools or at homes; and hence, parents are always looking for expert in this field.

The term digital activities can be defined as the traceable performance, actions, contributions as well as activities that are especially manifested through the presence of internet or on digital devices.

Accordingly, the present post is intended to make our kids aware about some of the important considerations related to digital activities.

1. You should always promote better attitude than fear

In the previous era, digital activities and available resources were focusing more on the negatives associated with it; however, today children become aware about internet and its wide application at a very small age. In this regard, no parent would certainly want them to disconnect from being internet savvy; and hence, we should always promote our children to be positive regarding the application and also supervise as well as shape their digital foot prints in a better way.

2. We should realize that we will never always be in control

Digital footprints are always associated with active as well as passive indulgence. It should be very important for all the parents to understand that though the pen is in their hand, they cannot always write the stories for their children. There are chances that images are being altered, certain important data is being stored or have even been accessed without supervision; and hence, we cannot always assume that we are controlling lives of our children.

3. The weight of digital footprints

In the near future, our kid’s digital footprints would decide their credibility and capability. But some people would never realize this. There are multiple reports where colleges, universities and even employers are relying on their digital understanding; this has even gone to the extent of character judgments. Experts are additionally expecting that a large portfolio of work would be available.

4. What should be shared?

It should be noted that young kids need proper guidance and support to navigate the online world, due to their age and limited experienced of the outside world. In this regard, certain important things can always be discussed with them or can be shared with them, so that they would understand where to put an end. They should know that they have to be careful while sharing certain important information such as full name, address, financial details, personal details etc.

The children can be taught wisely about internet applications and how to make the best of it. This can be achieved through storytelling, self-integration, making strategies and planning, as well as through proper communication.

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