Instill Forever Assignment based Activities

For 4th to 9th Grade students and Their Parents

We, at Instill Forever, have in-depth study as well as our personal experience about various requirements of today's students with growing age, challenges faced by parents in upbringing children, problems children come across due to varied reasons and solutions to all these concerns. All the Instill Forever activities are arrived at after relentless efforts in this field for over 9 years and still, there is a long way to go.

Instill Forever activities are divided into three age groups. The first group is for students from 4th to 9th grade, the second group for students ranging from 10th to 12th grade and the third group consists of undergraduate and postgraduate students. For the best outcome, parents of students belonging to first and second groups are also recommended to be a part of these activities since students in these age groups are fully dependent on them for almost every need of theirs. Also, parents are the best mediums to communicate and impart everything that children need for overall development. 

Quality academic education supported by periodical adequate training to develop personal skills and abilities is one of the necessities of our growing children. It is the combination of both, efforts taken by parents and input from children, which directly influence the overall development.

Instill Forever Assignment based Activities are mainly meant to draw the attention of the participants to many important factors of a student's life which are of vital importance and are generally taken casually. The topics considered for these activities are the ones that have a direct influence on a student's overall development and which can’t be instilled by adapting conventional teaching based learning pattern or which can’t be imbibed by using strict, punitive measures. All these parental concerns and needs of students are handled carefully and in a friendly manner during these events. 

The participants should consider every topic they select as an assignment just like students are given from their school. The participants are just required to spend hardly 15 minutes every day with their parents, as per their convenience, for this activity to assess their performance of the day and plan for the next day. The children, with the help from parents, are simply required to make use of the questions, hints, or some important factors provided by us while carrying out their daily routine.  After proper understanding and practical implementation of the developmental topic under consideration, they are required to prepare a presentation about their daily performance, errors observed by them, and corrective measures which they have worked out. The targeted outcome regarding the importance of many developmental aspects and individual efforts required for the development is achieved while doing normal daily routine work. These activities are instrumental to generate the much-required interest and involvement of the participants in their development process. In many cases, these activities will initiate the ignored factors of development.

These activities are carried out by giving simple assignments instead of making children read lengthy articles or listen to boring lectures. We believe that testing intangible abilities of a student or testing a student for influence of negative elements, can’t be done by providing just information without any practical implementation from a student.  It is not advisable to provide any readymade solutions in such activities as it might result in a casual and temporary approach from the participants. 

Students can participate in these activities by selecting individual mode or a competitive mode. Generally, competitions are meant to exhibit personal excellence in a certain field intended to prove superior to others. We intend to make use of this human tendency to initiate a process of improving one's performance with passing time and also the willingness as well as involvement on part of a student.

Those who refrain from entering into a competitive mode can participate in these activities on an individual basis as well. The only difference will be that their performance will not be compared with other participants or they will not be able to view the most impressive performances received by us from fellow participants. 

After the event we will provide our consolidated report which will include important information for students and useful suggestions. All those participants, who will show a serious involvement, will be awarded a certificate of excellence and discount coupons for upcoming events from Instill Forever.