Parents are the first Gurus!

"Assignments that lead to important development"

We have the maximum impact on our child’s mind. Their good habits or bad, we guide them, and when needed, we redirect them.

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Parents are the first Gurus

Read their Habits

6 Weeks

Std. 4th to 9th


Scan children for an attack of negative elements. Helps parents to identify unexplored elements that need serious attention.

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Read their habits

Learn their Abilities

7 Days

Std. 4th to 7th


Simply possessing knowledge is not sufficient. Students must develop an outlook to apply the acquired knowledge practically.

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Learn their Abilities

Motivate their Abilities

15 Days

Std. 4th to 7th


Ability will enable a student to make the best use of time and resources, keeping them ready for every challenge, everytime.

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Team building

A Test for Intangible Qualities of a Student

30 Days

Std. 4th to 9th

Advanced education system includes many new aspects to groom students so that they are capable to catch up with the professional requirements that the world demands.

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