Short Competitive Events & Activities

"Assignments that lead to important realizations"

These events are for students who will be attending std. 4th till std. 9th, and their parents.

Important Information before your subscribe.

Ideal parent-student combination

Parent-Student Integration

5 Days

World’s best Gurus – It is our Parents. Their constant tireless efforts of making us better brings the best out of us.

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Let’s Welcome New Academic Year

Let’s Welcome New Academic Year

5 Days

Well begun is half won. The saying is practical and true if followed with planning and dedication. It goes a long way.

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Approach towards academic education

Approach towards academic education

5 Days

Always believe in yourself and what you do, focus on what is right, make your efforts count, and stop not till the goal is reached.

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Personal care and safety

Personal Care and Safety

5 Days

God helps those who help themselves. Be alert, be attentive, observe yourself and the surroundings. There's a lot to learn.

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Time management

Time and Resource Management

5 Days

Time and tide wait for no man. For the man who makes time wait will never find the rung to the ladder of success and prosperity.

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Team building

Building Healthy Relations

5 Days

United we stand, divided we fall. This is true in all spaces – school, sports or home. your healthy relations will always be your strength.

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Team building

Comprehensive Approach towards Academic & Personality Development

30 Days

Our comprehensive course that includes all the aforementioned activities. Giving you the perfect guidance to build a better you, a better future.

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Salient Features:

  • Relevant questions, hints or factors will be provided by us.
  • No big articles to be read or lengthy lectures to be attended.
  • Being an online competitive event, you need not travel anywhere.
  • You can select a suitable time of the day to prepare the presentation for the event.
  • You can prepare presentation using any one format like text, ppt, audio or video.
  • Content of the presentation carries importance.
  • Presentation skills will not be considered as a deciding factor.
  • Purely practical, day to day events should be considered.
  • No need to stretch your mind to imagine or make something creative.

Why Assignment Activities?

We, through our assignment activity aim to reinforce the efforts taken by parents and children towards overall personal development. These activities are given a assignment format since we do not prefer to provide any readymade solutions pertaining to these developmental aspects which might result in a casual and temporary approach. Generally assignments are meant to exhibit personal excellence in a certain field. We intend to make use of this feature to bring about realization of the necessary inputs to be put in by a student. We want our participants to assess their degree of awareness, involvement and contribution towards overall development. This competitive format should result into many realizations of crucial importance which is the first step of any development process.

About The Activity?

  • Open for parents and children of the above-mentioned age group all over the world.
  • Consists of 6 different topics related to development of a child.
  • Participants will be given a period of 5 days per topic to prepare and send us their presentation.
  • Presentation can be a text file or a power-point presentation using audio or video files as well.
  • The presentation content that indicates clarity about the concept, efforts taken by parents and children, assessing parameters and remedial measures carried out pertaining to the topic will be the main deciding factor.
  • The presentation skills are not considered as a deciding factor in this competitive event. Participants are not required to stretch their imagination power or creativity. They just need to analyze the day to day practical events while preparing their presentation. 
  • A few relevant questions, hints or factors to be considered for each topic will be provided by us.
  • After successful registration, the participants will receive a confirmation mail from our end along with questions, hints or factors.
  • The participants should submit their presentation within 5 days to our email shared with them. If they have subscribed for more than 1 event then we will send them the relevant questions and hints for the next topic after receiving their presentation for the previous topic. 
  • The participants will be divided into 2 categories. First category will be 5th and 6th grade combined. The second category will be 7th and 8th grade combined. Depending upon number of subscriptions different groups will be formed for each category.
  • Maximum group size will be 50.

The final results will be declared on the end of every course. The first 5 participants per topic from each group of both the categories will be awarded online certificate of excellence and a discount coupon for forth coming development programs from INSTILL FOREVER.

Note From Instill Forever

Also, with prior permission from the participants, the winning presentations will be made available on our website to all other participants for their reference. We are confident that sharing these impressive presentations with all others should result in parents as well as students getting a much broader vision and variety of ideas towards the eternal process of self-development. A parent-child relation and integration are the core factor in a child’s development. So, it is taken as the first topic. Any development needs basic planning. So, planning a new academic year is the second topic. The other four topics are pertaining to a few basic areas of a child’s overall development. Participants can select all the topics or any number of individual topics of their choice.

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Log on to and use the subscription link provided below each individual topic.